Style: Hats

I like hats as much as the next person but one thing that really irritates me is the douchebag swag flat brim style hats that so many people wear at my school. It’s cool to wear a hat of your favorite sports team or to show off a cool look every once in a while but it gets tiresome when people wear hats every single day and end up becoming mindless brand promoters. I wear hats occasionally when I’m in the mood, it matches something I’m wearing, or if it’s really sunny outside.

These are some hats that I like wearing:

ImageSun Valley (Left): I picked this hat up a couple  months ago at the art murmur in Oakland. I like the way it fits and how it’s made of corduroy. It also has a cool zipper-like thing that adjusts the size on the back. Sun Valley is apparently a ski resort in Idaho….cool.

Lance Mountain (Right): I got this hat at a skate jam sometime ago. If you’ve ever heard of the bones brigade, an elite skateboarding crew from the 80’s you will recognize this design represents Lance Mountain. If you’ve never heard of him check him out, he was a total shredder in the 80’s and still kills it today. Also be sure to watch the new documentary about the bones brigade.


Ash Ketchum Hat (Left): Self explanatory.

A’s (Right): Even though everyone is super stoked about the Giants winning the World Series I’m still an A’s fan. Coming from the East Bay I wouldn’t ever change teams.


Skate Slate (Left): This hat was the first thing I ever got at a skate jam about four years ago when I was a little nooblet. The guys at Skate Slate are cool people and always hook it up at events so I feel good about pushing their website.

Bury the Hatchet (Right): I don’t know much about the brand Toy Machine but I love the graphic and message of this hat. I also like the strange looks I get from older folks.


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